Course selections modified for upcoming 2017-18 school year

In addition to the new bell schedule, students will see changes in course offerings. Next year, some courses are being merged and new ones are being introduced.

Students ultimately decide which courses will be kept and which will not. Enrollment numbers are easy identifiers to the likes and dislikes of students. Although the decision mostly sits in the hand of the students, additional reasoning and research is done before a final decision is made.

“If students want that and if they feel like there is an interest there, lets give the students what they want- to give them that experience, those opportunities,” counselor Alex Tyler said.

The main goal with the introduction of courses is to spike interest in the students. Not only are these changes expected to positively affect students, but teachers as well by enhancing curriculum.

“They [school board] are adding more classes so you can take it. Instead of just Drama I and Drama II Advanced, it’s broken down into Drama III and Drama IV,” Tyler said. “I think that allows for the teacher to develop his program more.”

With the addition of courses comes the merging of others. For example, Horticulture I and Horticulture II are being merged together because there are not enough students to offer Horticulture II independently. Consequently, further preparation for the additional course is required by teachers.

“Some teachers have had to have classes merged before,” Tyler said. “I am not sure how the classes will look. They will look different in each classroom depending on the teacher.”

Just as any recent changes to the school, the reaction from students remains an unknown. Tyler presumes there will be growing pains with the modified course offerings and changes to the bell schedule.

“I am sure some students will not be thrilled by some of the courses not being offered,” Tyler said. “There will always be some problems- it’s hard to appease everybody.”

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