Fall Play – Oct. 10

Zachary Ruth

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Actors of the fall play “Too Much Light Makes the Baby go Blind” raise their arms before the final bow to close the performance.

Every year, the NHS drama department puts on two performances, once in fall and on in spring. This year’s fall performance, titled “The light makes the baby go blind”, was made up of a variety of different smaller plays, that would be decided by an actor selected by the rest of the cast choosing an audience member who would select one of 30 different performances, based off a menu given to the audience. This type of play, labelled “experimental theater”, also featured audience participation within several of the acts, with anything from questions to the audience, or certain people being brought onto the stage to partake in the performance. Due to delays in the auditorium’s remodel, the play featured limited seating, and would have audience members seated on the stage,  creating a limited space for the actors, but bringing the audience much closer to the action.