Club Activities – Sept. 17

Zachary Ruth

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Fall Play – Oct. 10
October 10, 2021
Junior Justin Franz rallies the ball back at his opponent.

NHS prides itself on its diversity of clubs and organizations offered at school. Two of the most popular of those being the E-Sports and Ping-Pong clubs. E-Sports offers equipment to practice and play video games, as well as other students to help teach you. Students often use the school’s computers or their own consoles to play against each other in video games of their choice. The pictures above show a Rainbow Six Seige tournament and some side games of Halo. The ping pong club offers open tables for people to meet in Willis Gym and compete against others in table tennis matches, to improve their skills and have fun during each club meeting day. Students in ping pong club can play matches of table tennis against one another however they like, often inventing new rules to keep play entertaining.

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