Adios Crispitos: Lunch time favorite no longer produced


Blytheville Schools

**This is not an exact NHS crispito meal, however, it is very similar.

Eris Rindt, Reporter

The favorite lunch meal of many NHS students is coming to an unfortunate end this school year. For the future of lunch meals, crispitos will no longer be on the menu as the Tyson Foods Corporation in which the fan favorite is purchased from will no longer be producing the lunch item.

A crispito is a Spanish dish which includes beef wrapped in a hard baked tortilla shell. Often students will have cheese or chili served on top of their dish and a serving of spanish rice on the side. There are a few different places that will continue to sell crispitos such as Jimmy Dean, but their product is slightly different as it is a breakfast crispito that includes egg. 

Newton High School posted on their Facebook page on the morning of Aug. 25 that the meal will be greatly missed. The school expressed their sadness with a witty remark as their caption talks about how they will persevere and find other uses for their cheese sauce. On Twitter, assistant principal Blake Smith encouraged Tyson to continue to serve the fan favorite because students love them and they would be greatly missed from the NHS student body. 

According to Oklahoma News 4, a Tyson spokesperson said that they are trying to get the meal back in early 2022, however, nothing is yet confirmed. The Oklahoma news station reported that the food shortage is a widespread issue. 

Particularly for Tyson, a shortage of tortillas is the main contributor to the missing crispito meal. According to Illinois News Live, however, there is additionally a shortage of workers throughout the Tyson corporation preventing the production of less popular meals such as the crispito dish.

The district did not have the meal on any upcoming lunch menus so the menus will not be affected by the devastating news. However, future lunch menus will no longer include crispitos for the foreseeable future.