Badminton Tourney 3/5

Senior Coralie Kroner waits for her opponents to arrive.

Olivia Adams, Railroader Staffer

On March 5th, the fourth annual Badminton tournament was held in Ravenscroft Gym. Students participated in teams of two to battle for a winning title and a gift card. A total of 12 teams competed in the games, lasting 5 minutes each match.

¨My favorite part was definitely getting to match outfits with Katie, we did our best in the tournament and had a lot of fun so overall I definitely want to participate again,¨ sophomore Madelynn Ham said.

Students played a total of six games to direct bracket play in the first half of the tournament, the games occurring after were single elimination games leading up to the final match. The badminton tournament is an event provided by STUCO and gives a chance to students all around the school to be involved in student conducted activity.

¨I had a lot of fun, me and my partner didn’t do that well but we had so much fun and it was different than the other sports i’ve played,¨ senior Coralie Kroner said.

Senior Henry Claassen and junior Benjamin Schmidt competed against junior Luke Schmidt and sophomore Caleb Koontz in the final with a score of 21-15.

“Luke and I tried our best on the court and tried to stargisize the way we played, teamwork was definitely a beneficial part of our win. It felt really amazing to win especially after all the different matches; we were very excited,” sophomore Caleb Koontz said.