Hoco Basketball Game 2/7

Freshman Olivia Antonowich passes the ball to her teammate during an offensive play.

Olivia Adams , Railroader Staffer

During the Homecoming game on Feb. 7 Newton boys basketball team beat Hutchison 77-45, and girls basketball lost 51-32.

“It was pretty exciting to win, especially since it was the Homecoming game and alot of our school was there to support us and watch,” sophomore Owen Mills said.

The boys stayed in the lead throughout the entire game and performed well through all four quarters. Although the girls lost, the games were celebrated with Homecoming activities such as the Railiner halftime performance, Homecoming coronation and a formal.

“I think that we played strong, I know that we could have won if we worked hard enough but we learned from our mistakes. We still have chances and games to redeem ourselves so hopefully we can improve and play well at our next games,” sophomore Hayley Loewen said.

In the course of halftime, Seniors Henry Claassen and Chandlor Buffalo were elected and crowned Homecoming King and Queen.

“I usually don’t attend basketball games but my friends and I decided to go to watch the coronation which turned out to be a lot of fun. It was exciting to watch them crown the winners and see everyone get excited,” sophomore Bryttan Adams said.