Which American founding father are you?

Celebrate President’s Day by matching your personality to our country’s founders

Faye Smith, Reporter

How do you usually spend time after school?
a. Chopping things down
without your parents
b. Reading American
c. Slidin in the DMs
d. Prancing through a wheat field
Who’s your favorite teacher at NHS?
a. Grant Scott
b. Tyler Swalley
c. Kathy Shockley
d. Lowell Ely
Do you think women should vote?
a. No
b. LOL
c. Hahahahahahahaha
d. Why would you even ask
that question?
e. Yes
Which weird activity would you find yourself doing?
a. Naming dogs “Drunkard”
and “Tipsy”
b. Taking an “air” bath
c. Lying about your age to
college students
d. Playing with your pet
Favorite Movie?
a. Remember the Titans
b. Jobs
c. The Wolf of Wall Street
d. Midnight in Paris
What is your emotional state on a regular basis?
a. A little bit irritated
b. Spiritually relaxed
c. Independent
d. Easily dispirited



Mostly A’s
George Washington: You are a true born leader, but do not want to admit it. In every picture of yourself you look very sassy, and you will absolutely kill wearing wooden teeth in your old age.


Mostly B’s
Benjamin Franklin: You most likely got an A in Mr. Tolle’s class, and love technology. But, you pretend to be the opposite sex and catfish your significant other like Ben pretended to be Mrs. Silence Dogood.


Mostly C’s
Alexander Hamilton: You are going to have a musical named after you likeness, and you are really good with money, but you do not know how to handle it. However, you are not good at being faithful in a relationship.


Mostly D’s
Thomas Jefferson: You have a great eye for French decor. You also enjoy anything that involves agriculture and watching other people hike the countryside (talking about you Lewis and Clark).


If you answered E
You’re none of them because none of the founding fathers supported women’s suffrage!

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