Blood Drive

Schyler Entz

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German 1 Class 2/28
March 12, 2020
Senior Melody Burns has the red cross worker help get her ready to draw blood.

On Jan. 23 student council held the annual American Red Cross blood drive. Students that were 16 years or older were allowed to donate up to 2 pints of blood. 

“It was kinda painful [to donate blood] because they missed my vein at first, but ultimately it felt good to do something to help others,” senior John Jantzen said.   

Members of student council assisted in the event all day by helping students fill out paperwork and  . As well as helping students and staff after they gave blood by escorting them to a seat and offering them something to eat or drink.

“When I was helping, I felt like I was making a difference because I was very important in the whole operation, with helping people get to the chairs after they gave blood,” junior Luke Schmidt said. 

Overall the event was very successful as there were 49 students and staff that donated blood between 8:30 a.m. and 3:10 p.m. 

“It went very well, they [American Red Cross] set a goal for us to get 39 pints and we met that by getting 44 good pints of blood,” Student Council sponsor Erica Rickard said.