Close friends work together on thriving Twitter business

Rhodes, Nelson give old clothes, accessories new life through creativity

Erica Beebe

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Quinn Rhodes takes a picture of Rebekah Nelson showing off a green sweater for their Twitter page.

Two sophomores in Business Professionals of America (BPA) have recently started their own home

Rebekah Nelson poses in a green cowl neck sweater, “We’re just trying to assign different jobs for each other so that way we aren’t bursting anyone’s bubble…” Quinn said.

business selling used clothing. This is not the first business Quinn Rhodes and Rebekah Nelson have started, but it is their most successful one yet.

“It all started when we had too many clothes in our closets and not enough money for chips and queso,” Nelson said. Their love for food motivated them to start this business and the overwhelming response to it kept them working. The duo started the Twitter page in early January and also plan to create an Instagram account.

“Usually things sell within a matter of minutes, it’s pretty instant. There’s only like three things up that haven’t been sold, so, it does pretty well. We’ve made around $50,” Rhodes said. Buying used clothing comes with a number of problems the girls have to figure out how to fix.

“I’ve had to rip out a lot of shoulder pads from clothes. We buy them, reamp them and markup the price a few dollars so we really are making a small profit. We usually go restock whenever we’re free or running out of stuff,” Rhodes said.

The girls have split up the work of the small business and chosen jobs that fit their strengths.

“I work with the money and the DMs,” Rhodes said.

“I work with the spell check definitely because Quinn cannot spell worth beans,” Nelson said. The pair is actively looking for ways to expand their business, and they are willing to do just about anything.

“We’ve had a lot of different ideas. One was wearing the clothes to school and if someone likes them we can just sell it off our backs and bring back up clothes. We talked about in the future

opening up our own little shop. We have a lot of plans, but I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon,” Nelson said. The girls are primarily selling shirts, sweaters, purses and jewelry right now but they are working on adding more types of clothing to their business.

“We really want to figure out how to sell pants,” Rhodes said. According to the girls, shopping for

Quinn Rhodes models a “really nice jacket for a really nice price”. The item sold for six dollars.

clothes is nothing compared to the marketing process.

“Modeling is the worst part. You think it would be fun but when you have to do it every single day you get tired of it,” Nelson said.

“We’re still struggling to figure out a better system. Sometimes I’ll do something and then Rebs will be like ‘Why’d you do this,’ or like trying to get clothes and take pictures,” Rhodes said.

The girls enjoy being business partners because they are also close friends.

“We’ve known each other since fifth grade but we didn’t start becoming close friends until seventh grade. This year we’re the closest friends we’ve ever been,” Nelson said. Though this is not the girls first business plan, and may not be the last, they are enjoying the entrepreneur lifestyle, and learning from it.

“We’ve actually always tried to do businesses together like lemonade stands, garage sales and we took pictures. We are always trying to find ways to make money but they don’t do too well. I feel like this one is going to do better,” Rhodes said.