Jazz & Railaires Concert 12/9

Singing holiday songs, senior Emily Rash, junior Sarah Georgiou, senior Grace Clayton and junior Mackenzie Glassman sing along with the rest of the choir.

On Dec. 9, the Jazz 1 and 2 bands and Railaires held their annual winter concert. 

The Jazz bands have been preparing for the concert for the past couple months, and Railaires have prepared the past few weeks. Each group performed separately on stage, with the exception of jazz accompanists for the choir concert.

Freshman Oliver Dungan is one of the first year jazz members in the Jazz 2 band and has played saxophone since 5th grade.

“I started taking some summer classes in 5th and 6th grade and I really enjoyed that, and then chisholm had their own jazz class and I did that and I really enjoyed that so I figured jazz at the high school was the next step,” freshman Oliver Dungan said. 

Dungan explains how he’s improved so far this year. 

“I really like learning more in depth about music theory and also learning to be more comfortable with soloing and improving my playing skills as a musician,” Dungan said.

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