Junior Benjamin Schmidt jumps up to spike the ball.

Braiden Botterweck, Railroader Staffer

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, StuCo held their second annual peachfuzz tournament in Ravenscroft gym.

“I was not scared because I was confident in my abilities to help the team with whatever they needed, we had a couple good practices so I knew that we would play pretty good” Junior Benjamin Schmidt said.

The tournament started with two games that the students collectively participated in. The first matches were Seniors vs. Freshman and Juniors vs. Sophomores. With the Seniors and Juniors going to the championship game with the seniors winning in two sets.

“There was a lot of trash talking between the seniors and juniors during the championship game, but all I was trying to do improve my craft,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt was named MVP and hardest hitter of the tournament and was given a $25 gift card to applebee’s.