Railiners at North High School

Kati Blaylock

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Crossing her arms, junior Alaycea Kremeier smiles at the crowd.

The Railiners participated in a showcase at North High School in Wichita on November 12. The team performed in the event in order to show what they have been working on as a team.

“We’ve been to this showcase before, so we knew what to expect,” junior Jamie Haskew said. “It was cool to be invited to it and show what we were doing.” 

At the showcase, a total of 25 teams participated, both at the high school and college level.

‘It was cool performing in front of college teams and showing them what we could do,” junior Evelynn Bartley said.

The team has competed in many showcases, but this was a chance to watch and learn from teams in the local area.

“I really liked that we could see other teams that we never get to see,” Bartley said. “I think it’s a cool thing that we get to do.”