Students prepare for Powderpuff

For the past 10 years in order to raise funds for BPA Nationals, Powderpuff has become an annual tradition.
“Any of the funds that are raised by goes to that and so the ones who’ve participated, helping work the table or work the night of [the game] get the proceeds from it,” business teacher Jessica Crabtree said.
Each team is composed of 22 players, with one team per grade. It can sometimes become competitive when it comes to selecting the players.
“So there was like a waitlist for the seniors, some of them on Friday had not brought their waiver and have paid, and others had then they got to move up on that list,” Crabtree said. “So it just is kind of first come first serve.”
Participating in Powderpuff is considered a creative way to bond with other classmates with similar interests, and many students participate for multiple years in a row.
“I played last year and it was really fun and I enjoy being with all the other classmen,” sophomore Alexis Epp said.