Orchestra Concert

The orchestra preforms on Oct. 21.

On Oct. 21 the freshman and concert orchestra had their first performance of the year. Each group performed three songs and then had one song as a combined orchestra. Overall the orchestra felt very well of their performance.  

“The orchestra did very well, we played together as a group, we had good energy and we sounded good and had great tone,” junior John Koontz said. 

The freshman orchestra consists of 13 people, but it gives them lots of time to get individual help and work on things specific for them. They were given three pieces to play, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Prelude from the Holberg Suite and Little Fugue. Since coming from the middle school the group had to transition to a new orchestra teacher, which was a positive change.  

“My favorite part is having a different teacher, it gives us a new environment and new things to work on and learn,” freshman Elia Bergquist said. 

This performance was the first of many of the school year. The next concert for both orchestras is Dec. 15.   

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