AgAcademy tours P&M pumpkin patch


Recall elementary school field trips to the pumpkin patch, days in which classes gathered together to celebrate the fall season. Reliving memories of their youth, sophomore ag academy students attended P&M Pumpkin Patch on Oct. 22. However, the incentive behind their visit was different from that of elementary school students.
Ag academy history teacher Elizabeth Gunn said that students attended the pumpkin patch to further their understanding of current curriculum.
“We went with the intent to learn more about agritourism, as well as their system of planting, planning and business strategies,” Gunn said.
The students started off by talking to the owner of the patch. Sophomore Kaitlyn Simons said she and fellow classmates learned about the agribusiness behind owning a pumpkin patch.
“We learned about the overhead cost of what it takes to earn from a pumpkin patch or what the cost of upkeeping a pumpkin patch for the seven weeks that it’s open…you also have to take in the weather, diseases and all of that into account when you have to open a pumpkin patch like that,” sophomore Daniel Renteria said.
After speaking to the owner, students had the opportunity to explore freely. Not only did students walk away with a deeper understanding for agribusiness, but they got the chance to pick out their view own pumpkins.
“Definitely getting a pumpkin [was the best part],” sophomore Gracie Rains said.

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