Student organizes funds for friend’s letterman jacket


Gracie Hammond

Junior Cyle Gautschi stands with a smile after his friend junior Jesse Rose presented him with a new letterman jacket.

Gracie Hammond

Junior Jesse Rose decided to do something good and put together a small group of community members to buy his friend, junior Cyle Gautschi, a letterman jacket.

“I didn’t realize how bad he wanted a letter jacket until one night when he was helping me bring home a wood burning stove that we were setting up in the garage,” Rose said. “We were moving it, and I was getting dirt on the underside of my jacket and he was like ‘Man, if that was my jacket I couldn’t do that.’ and I’m like ‘Wait a minute, Cyle doesn’t have a jacket.’ I guess that’s when it dawned on me that I wanted to do something about this.”

Inspired by a teacher, Rose decided to ask his father, Bobby Rose, and a few members of the Newton Police Department to pitch in to help Gautschi add to his winter wardrobe. 

Gracie Hammond
Former SRO and football coach Chad Gay embraces junior Cyle Gautschi after the giving Gautschi his jacket.

“There was a thing that my teacher talked to me about and that if I could just do something really big for just three people and then each of them would go out and do that for three other people,” Rose said. “I don’t remember the exact math he said but in ten generations the entire world could be changed and it isn’t that hard but I would encourage them to get out and help.”

Gautschi and his mother showed up to the high school not expecting anything good, but instead were met with familiar, friendly faces to present them with the jacket.  

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