Basketball fundraises by helping community


Kaete Schmidt

Sophomore Erick Hernandez and Freshman Jaheem Ray pick up leaves during the first annual team work day Nov. 18.

Kaete Schmidt, Staff Writer

On Nov. 19, the boys basketball team held a workday fundraiser for the first time. For this event, the basketball players went out and did everything from raking to vacuuming for different people around the community. Community members were able to donate as they pleased based off of how well the boys did.

“Raking was most of what was needed just because the time of year, but anything they wanted the boys to do we would do within reason. You know, we don’t have a bunch of expert carpenters to send to people,” coach Andy Hill said.

Hill came up with the idea to do a workday fundraiser from when he worked at Wichita Northwest. Hill can recall doing this fundraiser all six years that he worked there and wanted to bring it to Newton. Not only did Hill think this was a good fundraiser, the team was also on board.

“It’ll encourage more people from the town to come watch our games and give more to the program,” freshman Ty Berry said. “I think it was a great way to raise money because we got to help the community and benefitted from bonding with our teammates.”
Hill has plans to spend the profit from the fundraiser on shooting shirts for the boys and other equipment. The boys also gained many new memories and experiences.

“(My favorite part was) working with my teammates. It was a pretty good time just helping the community and it was fun too,” senior Logan Hamm said.