Coaches Corner: Andy Hill


Position: Head basketball coach Math teacher Previously coached at: Andover High School, Wichita Northwest High School

Math teacher Andy Hill has been coaching basketball for eight years total. Previously, he was an assistant coach at Andover High School for two years and an assistant coach at Wichita Northwest High School for six years. Along with being an assistant coach, Hill also played basketball for Northwest Wichita, then moved on to play for Newman University. With it being Hill’s first year at here, he has gotten to know his players better through summer conditioning and his seminar class.

What inspired you to be a coach?
“I would say the coaches I had growing up, starting from when I was really young playing basketball. So, my college coach, Mark Potter from Newman, my high school coach, I talk to him every once in awhile, guys that I’ve worked with in the past, and my assistants right now. Those guys have so much passion and energy and they inspire me all the time. I’ve always had good coaches and I admired them and just thought it was something I wanted to do.”

What is your coaching style?
“Calm, I think, would describe it. I’m not going to put on a great show on the sidelines or anything like that. I’m more calm rather than a yeller . Also, calculated, I guess. I try not to let my emotions get too high one way or too low another way. I just try to stay even and keep guys focused on doing their job and making the next play.”

What would you say is the biggest obstacle for you as a coach?
“I would say it’s overcoming our recent past. There has not been a lot of success here in the last few years and so just getting the guys to buy in and believe in themselves and believe that we can do it.”

What goals do you have as a coach?
“My goal is to see a team that comes together and competes every night. I don’t really like to set goals as in ‘we want to win this many games’ or whatever.”

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