Freshman/Sophomore Football Game

Freshman Isaac Klug stands ready for the ball to be kicked.

Braiden Botterweck, Yearbook Staffer

The freshman/sophomore football team had their home opener Sept. 16 at  Fischer Field. They faced off against Haysville-Campus resulting in a 20-14 loss.

“We need to start the game off a lot quicker than we did this game,” sophomore Jake Schmidt said.

Although they started off slow in the first half they got to a quick start stopping campus on their first offensive drive and then later scoring on offense from a deep pass from Jayden Nash to Jake Schmidt for 70 yard touchdown.

“We started off really slow but in the second half we started to get it together we were just to late,” Schmidt said.

The Railers play the Maize eagles next, on Sept. 20 at 4:15 p.m. at Eagles football field at Maize High School.