Railiners get chance to shine at North High dance exhibition


The Railiners pose for a group photo after their performance at North High. Pictured from left to right: Coach Amy Pollard, freshman Meya Green, junior Samantha Buffalo, sophomore Kate Sebes, junior Kate Szambecki, junior Payton Fenwick, freshman Chandlor Buffalo, freshman Molly Stahl, freshman Treasure Johnson, freshman Taylor Tasaka, junior Allyssa Meyer and junior Macy Rice.

On Nov. 14, the Railiners attended the annual North High School dance show. While at the show they performed as previous dance choreographed by junior co-captains Payton Fenwick and Kate Szambecki.

“We will be taking the dance that Payton and Kate choreographed for senior night, ‘Emergency,’” sophomore Kate Sebes said.
The Railiners have attend this show in previous years and know what to expect when preparing for the show. Although performing in front of a large audience is something very familiar to these dancers it doesn’t mean that there still aren’t some nerves.

“[My least favorite thing about performing is] probably the feeling right before you are about to go on,” Sebes said.

Although some dancers may get nervous before or maybe even during a performance but according to upperclassmen it’s not something you should worry about.

“Just relax and know that if you mess up it’s ok because everyone messes up,” junior Samantha Buffalo said.

Even though there may be some nerves when it comes to performing, there is also some good feelings that come from performing.

“I like performing because the feeling you get when you come off, like you’ve done something and you hope that it went well and you just feel really happy,” Sebes said.

While at North High the Railiners are exposed to dance teams from surrounding schools and are able to have more chances to practice performing in front of a big crowd.

The Railiners perform “Emergency” at the exhibition. The number was choreographed by junior captains Payton Fenwick and Kate Szambecki. “I loved getting to watch all the different teams from the area,” Szambecki said.

“[By performing in the North High dance show] I think it shows us what other teams are like and it pushes us to be better,” Buffalo said. “[My favorite thing about performing is] watching all the other teams and seeing what our surrounding schools are like.”

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