Zastrow coordinates preseason workouts earlier than usual

Erica Beebe

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Senior swimmer Conner Ekerberg practices breastroke during ‘Swim for a Wish’ May 16.

Like most sports boys swimming has started their preseason training. Each year they participate in preseason training but this year they have started especially early. Senior Seth Zastrow has lead this change. He has been coordinating the preseason practices for the team. According to Zastrow, the swimmers need this head start in order to succeed this season. The first swim meet is Nov. 29, so the boys will have had a month long head start.

“We want these guys to learn the basics early because we had issues last year mainly where we were teaching them how to do starts a week before the first meet. Swim is different than a lot of other sports in the fact that it uses a bunch of muscles that most people don’t use a lot and so we have to get these guys ready to use those muscles more often,” Zastrow said.

Kim Powell, special education teacher and head boys swim coach, agrees that starting the season early will help the whole team with both stroke technique and muscle preparation.

“We can jump into more workouts and we can tweak things rather than just starting from scratch. [Also the boys can learn] common terminology that we use as swimmers, circle swimming, just the dynamics of how practice is done,” Powell said.

Although it is not mandatory for Zastrow to coordinate the preseason practices, Powell notices and appreciates his work.

“He is very internally motivated. I genuinely think he wants to do what’s best for the team and he’s taken this upon himself and he’s just demonstrating great leadership,” Powell said.

Zastrow and Powell both agree that the turnout for preseason could be better, especially for freshman.

“There’s going to be a long list of returning swimmers but a max of maybe four freshman, and so mainly we do want a lot more freshman,” Zastrow said.

Zastrow sees great benefit for preseason workouts through personal experience and through observation.

“Mainly we’re open to anyone who wants to join swim because I do think it’s a good idea for anyone, even those who have no idea how to swim. It is a wonderful high school experience. We meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays right after school, down at the pool. We go to around 4:45,” Zastrow said.