Tips and tricks to overcome mid-semester blues


  • Remember to enjoy the season
    Everyone can find something they love about the fall season. De-stress from the long school days and nights of studying with a favorite warm drink, a night of pumpkin carving or an afternoon of football and tailgating with friends and family.
  • Do not go it alone.
    There are many ways to make it through ‘the blues’ with the help of others. Form a study group with close friends, use the tutoring available through the school or simply schedule a time to meet with a teacher before school or during seminar to ensure the semester ends on the right note.

  • Keep it casual. During this time of the school year, it is understandable to have days where perfect hair and Pinterest-worthy outfits are sacrificed for an extra twenty minutes of sleep. There are only so many hours in the day so choose what is most important to get through.


  • Do the test prep now.
    Students are busy just trying to meet the requirements of their classes. This does not account for the ever-present worry of not having prepared enough for upcoming ACT and PSAT exams. While it is easy to procrastinate, save some heartache the night before the exam by downloading daily practice apps and taking the prep classes offered by the high school.
  • Make time for weeknight outings with friends.
    The weeks can seem never-ending when just following the ‘school, study, sleep, repeat’ cycle. Switch it up and add a little excitement to a Wednesday night by moving the group project to Mojo’s or finding a reward for finishing an essay in a dinner with friends at Genova.
  • Embrace the power of index cards.
    Find that go-to tool that makes studying easier and creates a pathway to successful testing. For example, index cards may seem old-fashioned, but they are a way to learn large amounts of information in small chunks and make it possible to study on-the-go.
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