Dual sport athletes experience highs and lows of busy schedules

Caroline Barger

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Senior Carlos Cornejo is not only a captain for the soccer team, but he is putting his soccer skills to use on the football field as well by being the team’s new kicker.

“I just missed it from when I use to kick in eighth grade and I asked a couple of the guys on the football team if they need a kicker and they said yes so I decided to do it,” Cornejo said.

Cornejo is not the only student athlete with a full schedule. Senior Kailey Naysmith has participated in gymnastics and cheer all four years of her high school career. Between all the practices and competitions, she still finds time to stay on top of her studies.

“I’m able to get a majority of my homework done between my aide hour, study hall, seminar and Monday after gymnastics (my only free night),” Naysmith said.
Being a student-athlete means having to balance practice and school. For athletes participating in two sports in the same season, managing time becomes more difficult than a regular student. For dual-sport athletes, with more practices than a normal fall athlete, some sacrifices have to be made

“(My) social life is basically gone. I get to hang out with them on Saturdays because work comes into hand on Sundays,” Cornejo said.

Even though taking on two sports comes with sacrifices these two athletes both enjoy everything that they are involved in.

“I think best thing about dual sports is that you get to be around your friends all day,” Naysmith said.

senior Carlos Cornejo

What is the hardest thing about being a dual sport athlete?
“For soccer there is pressure to stay healthy because being one of the captains I can’t get hurt. Some of my kicks in soccer have been going really high and sometimes I think I’m making field goals instead of goals.”

freshman Becca MeyerHow do you think be involved in both, helps in each of the sports?
“I definitely think being in gymnastics helps me with cheer by learning how to stay tight and tumble and [not to be] afraid of trying new things. Cheer helps with gymnastics, just by helping my form. I get to have second and third families with my teammates.“

freshman Zadi Simonsen

Why do you like playing volleyball?
“I like how excited we get about each point. I like to play volleyball just because it’s more of a team sport where we have to work together.
I didn’t want to dance like my sister. I like yelling and my mom was also a cheer coach and I always liked it so I decided to join.”

senior Kailey Naysmith

What is that hardest thing about being a dual sport athlete?
“I think the hardest thing is not getting enough sleep. I get home from cheer at 9:30 or later on Tuesdays and Thursdays and by the time I shower and pack my bags for the next day it’s at least 10:30. I try to go to bed before ten whenever I can.”


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