Kliewer, Woelk work beyond support services job title

Involved in everything from fixing equipment to watching students grow


Students may wonder how a light may be broken one day and then magically fixed the next. Well, the solution to this is two men, Dave Kliewer and Bryce Woelk. They are the Support Services of the high school. Kliewer and Woelk do many things to help students and staff out. Everything from pencil sharpeners to the plumbing is covered by Kliewer and Woelk.

“My job title is Maintenance Technician and that entails everything from heating and air conditioning to fire alarm troubleshooting to some telephone troubleshooting to including working on Brooks Trade Center shop equipment, wood shop equipment, Vo-Ag shop equipment and our own mechanical equipment,” Woelk said.

Not only do Kliewer and Woelk fix whatever may need repairing, but they also help out with many things around the school that are not listed in their job description.

“I help with sound. For all sporting events whatever they need me for as far as that goes. And then I do sound for the musicals and drama,” Kliewer said.

Kliewer has been working in this school district for 19 years and has spent the last 12 of those years at the high school. Everyday he goes home from work to a family of four daughters, they range from ages 14, 19, 22, and 24.

Woelk has been working at the high school for the past 28 years. His family includes a daughter that is 33 years old, as well as a son that is 28 years old.
Kliewer and Woelk give up a lot of their time to help out at the high school. Even during the summer they are always hard at work.

“We work 24/7 pretty much. We don’t get a summer, but we do have a vacation. We work all year round. This place never goes to sleep pretty much. We are always busy doing something,” Kliewer said.

Despite the long hours and working almost year round, Kliewer and Woelk still have the same passion for going to work everyday and can always be seen with smiles on their faces.

“I love the people and the kids. I enjoy high school aged kids, I was a youth pastor for a few years so I just fit right into this age,” Kliewer said. “I often say I have the Peter Pan syndrome because I don’t grow up very fast.”

Kliewer believes that this is the perfect place for him. Being a dad of four, he has a lot of experience with kids, and uses this to aide him in his job.

“(My favorite thing about working here is) watching kids grow up from little scared freshmen to graduating seniors and seeing them grow,” Kliewer said.

They dedicate their days to helping anyone and everyone around the school, as well as going out of their way to help even if it is not their job.

“For the most part, it doesn’t get boring. I mean everyday is a different deal. Some things we do are repetitive. Like during the summer when we have to change all of the locker combinations and that kind of thing,” Woelk said. “For the most part, it’s a variety, and everyday is a new challenge or a new problem somewhere.”

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