Someone students should know



Name: Tina Payne Workplace: United Way

Erica Beebe, Entertainment Editor

“I’ve been working [at United Way] for four years. It seems like [I’ve interacted with a lot more high school students] more frequently. The high school students have been volunteering more at the events that we’ve had, and most recently I’ve been directing SLAB (students library advisory board).”

What do you do?:
“Part of what United Way does is we believe that together we are stronger. So by getting involved in the community it makes the community a better place. High school students typically don’t have money to donate but they can donate their time instead.”

How has being involved with high schoolers benefited your organization?:
“It benefits us when we have a high school student because that’s a unique and different perspective. They can tell us what will make the community stronger. You get a bunch of middle aged people around a table and we can come up with some ideas, but it takes different people from different parts of life to make us more responsive to the community in general.”