PE ll Tennis

Ben Schmidt

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February 3, 2020
Sophomore Luke Schmidt prepares to hit the ball back over the net.

PE ll is a required class here at NHS, this class includes Red Cross CPR and standard first aid certification and activities. When you are done you get a certificate of completion from American Red Cross and are certified to give CPR at any given moment.


When you have completed CPR and First Aid you have a whole bunch of activities to do after; basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, badminton, pickleball, team handball, speedball, soccer, conditioning, matt ball, kick ball, wiffle ball, indoor target archery, bowling, disc golf, sand volleyball and various indoor and outdoor games.


Right now PE is doing tennis outside on the tennis courts, if it is raining and or cold they do not go outside and will play a game with another class down in the gym or by themselves.


“PE is really fun, it’s one of my only classes I don’t have to worry about so I just mess around,” sophomore Luke Schmidt said.