1st Clubs

Ben Schmidt

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Boys Basketball
February 3, 2020
Freshman Misael Campos Cisneros prepares to eat a cookie.

On Friday,  Feb.1  students met with their first clubs during seminar. Students come together to enjoy and participate in their club one time a month. There are many clubs for different interests such as E-Sports. For them in particular, their membership has kept a steady growth over the past two years.

E-Sports has a variety of activities you can participate in such as, play games on the computer or bring your own console in to play the games you want.

“I really love playing Agario.TV” sophomore Gaige Llamas said.

Agario.TV is an action packed game where you can control your player and eat other “cells” (players). The object of the game is to become the biggest cell in the game. Sophomore Peyton Maxwell also enjoys participating in the game during E-Sports.

“Agario is a really fun game, I like to team up with my friend Omar Hernandez-Munoz,” Maxwell said.

First Clubs will meet again on March 1.