Friendship Bracelet Club

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Matt Olson

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On Friday, January 18th, students from every class went to enjoy 1st clubs that they joined. There are a wide variety of clubs from anime to powerlifting. Created this school year by senior Jaeden Cochran, friendship bracelet club became very popular. The club began with around 92 members, but because people didn’t pay their fees for string and materials for friendship bracelet making, it now only has 37 members.

Friendship bracelet club was created for crafty people who want to hang out with their friends.

“I like making friendship bracelets, and It’s an opportunity to relax and chat with my friends,” senior Aspen Olson said.

Cochran became president of the club in hopes of getting others interested in bracelet making, and bonding over similar interests.

“I figured it would be a different way to teach others a new skill while also meeting some new people,” Cochran said.