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Asha Regier

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Running to the end zone, freshman Luke Hirsh scores a two point conversion.

The JV football season is slowly coming to a close, hosting its second to last game of the season at Fischer Field on Oct. 15 against Eisenhower. Although the game resulted in a loss with a score of 8-65, the team came out of the game with things to improve on going into their final game on Oct. 22. Being the only player to score at the game, junior Gavin Cusick reflects on his touchdown and his playing as an individual as well as as a team.

“I think it wasn’t my best for worst game I’ve ever played but I don’t feel like I played bad.” Cusick said. “As a whole, there were moments where everyone played to their full potential and we had great energy but other times we weren’t playing as a unit and had bad energy.”

Cusick scored the touchdown in the first quarter of the game, helping the team take the lead with a score of 8-6.

“It’s always fun to score, but rarely does a team win with only one touchdown,” Cusick said. “We need to pick it up as a team.”

Cusick played football his freshman year, but decided to take a break last year and focus on baseball. He came out for football again this year, and is glad he decided to do so.

“Im playing again because I just missed playing and didn’t like not having anything to do all fall.” Cusick said. “Im very happy I decided to play this year because of all the memories being made every day and now I’ve got something to do after school.”

Along with the adrenaline and hard work that comes from practice and games every week, many memories are also created during these times. The long hours spent with the team are some of the things Cusick will remember for a long time.

“One of my favorite memories was coming back at half time to beat Hutch at the homecoming game” Cusick said “As well as getting closer to everyone on the team.”

The season will close with its final game being hosted at Fischer Field against Salina South. It being the last game, the team has many things they want to focus on as a whole, so they can end with a win.

“I want to focus on hustling every play and getting a win under the books.” Cusick said. “Also, just making sure everyone is having fun and keeping their heads in the game.”