Athletic department partners with Adidas

Macy Rice

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The partnership with Adidas that had been contemplated for nearly a year by the USD 373 Board of Education, as well as staff and coaches, was approved on Sept. 11. This partnership allows coaches to purchase apparel for athletes with a 40 percent discount.

“[The partnership] is primarily meant for athletic activities only. It can be expanded into any of our groups that want to purchase stuff through them. It also involves discounted prices on clothing, shoes and equipment that Adidas manufactures that students may want to buy as well,” athletic director Brian Becker said. “So, not only can we buy uniforms cheaper, but we can also put stuff out there for you guys as student-athletes to buy that may be cheaper than purchasing them on your own.”

After receiving offers from many brands, including Under Armour, the Board of Education agreed on Adidas.

“The Adidas agreement was the one that we felt was the best. So we sought it out, and then they brought information and a proposal to us,” Becker said.

To make the transition to Adidas convenient, new uniforms for every sport are not required to be purchased this year.

“The way this program works is that as we replace uniforms in our normal cycle. So we don’t have to start all over with everything right now, it’s just as we replace them, we will be replacing them with Adidas products,” Becker said.

For sports equipment, BSN Sports has offered a rewards program that will give back money at the end of the year if a specific goal is met for additional equipment.

“Equipment purchases will primarily be through BSN, and a lot of our middle school purchases, such as uniforms will be through them as well,” Becker said.

There has been positive feedback from coaches regarding the BSN program and Adidas partnership. Of those in favor of the agreements is basketball coach Andy Hill.

“I like the Adidas partnership. From a coaching standpoint, as long as the ordering process is simple and the players like the uniforms, it will be good. Adidas has a good selection; they have everything we need for basketball,” Hill said.