Students share spring break destinations


This information based on a google form sent out in early January. It includes 32.1% of students going nowhere for Spring Break, 42.9% going out of state, and 25% staying local.

Spring break is often spent traveling all over the world. The student body spends their time off from school relaxing in different places. Anywhere can be turned into an adventure. During spring break, activities can vary from staying at home to backpacking in the mountains. 

This year spring break is from March 13 to 17. Many students go out-of-state for spring break. Depending on where they are going, it can be a night and day difference. Senior Camryn Entz is going to Destin, Florida, which sits on the Gulf of Mexico. 

“All my senior friends have always wanted to go on a spring break trip, and we all love the beach so we had planned to go somewhere in Florida,” said Entz.

Entz and her friends decided on Destin. The city is located on the Florida panhandle coast, or northwest Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico. According to, it is known for its sandy white beaches and clear water. 

Entz is excited to go to the beach. She really enjoys going to the beach and hasn’t been for almost 4 years. The last time she was going to a cold beach in her freshman year. 

“I am most excited to be on the beach every day and just getting to relax with my friends,” Entz said.

Entz is excited about all the things that come with being in a coastal city, but she is only going to be there for three days. People often only go for a short time during break to cut costs,or due to weather, but some people go to their destination for the whole week break. 

Sophomore Brielle Copeland is going to Hawaii. She is going with her family for her parent’s 20th anniversary as well as her brother’s graduation. This season in Hawaii is called ho’olio, which is actually their winter season as well as the rainy season. Though the temperatures do not reflect that as they are in the high 70s. No matter what the weather is in Hawaii, they will continue their traditions, according to

“We are going on a volcano tour, and then we’re going to swim with manta rays at night, in the dark,” Copeland said.

 According to Gohawaii, a luau is a traditional Hawaiian party usually with music and food. She is very excited about all of it because this is a new experience for her. Hawaii can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a high school student. 

“I’m excited, I want to watch the sunrises and sunset,” said Brielle

Spring break can be a good way to leave the stress of school behind. This week in March is something that many students look forward to including the additional teacher workday, March 20. It is important to keep up with school even when it gets closer. 

“Spring break is here so that students can have a week break before coming back to school so they can finish out the last nine weeks strong.” Camryn Entz said. “It gives students a much-needed break after the last semester.”