NHS students reflect on the end of 2022



Freshman: Mikaela Castaneda

👍Freshman Mikaela Castaneda rated her 2022 a thumbs up.“[My year] ended on a good note, I’m a bit lazier now so maybe a bad note,” Castaneda said. Castaneda was surprised at how easy the end of her eighth-grade year was and the number of people in high school. Castaneda’s worst moment of 2022 was when she kept forgetting about her Spanish assignments and her best moment was at the end of eighth grade. Her favorite place to visit last year was the Chisholm Middle School library because she had SDL there last year and she was there a lot. Castaneda is optimistic about 2023 but thinks 2022 will be the better year.


Freshman: Makayla Peterson

👍“I would give 2022 a big thumbs up because it was full of self-exploration,” freshman Makayla Peterson said. She said that her 2022 ended on a bad note and 2023 did not start off well. Peterson was surprised by the new Taylor Swift album coming out in 2022. Her best moment was when she went to YoungLife camp in Colorado last summer and her worst moment was the breakup that she had gone through. Her favorite place that she visited in 2022 was Crooked Creek, CO.“So far I am feeling great about 2023,” Peterson said. “I feel like this year will have a lot of new opportunities for me.”


Sophomore: Anne Koontz

👍Sophomore Anne Koontz gave her 2022 a thumbs up. Her 2022 ended on a bad note but that didn’t stop her from having a good start to 2023. Koontz was surprised that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got divorced. “My best moment was when my cousin and I performed our dance to “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer on Christmas day,” Koontz said. Her favorite place to visit was Pittsburgh, Pa. Koontz is optimistic about 2023.


Junior: Emma Huntley

👍Junior Emma Huntley rated her 2022 a thumbs up because she had a good summer. Her 2022 ended on a good note and positively affected her 2023. The new Ginny and Georgia season coming out surprised Huntley in 2022. Her best moment was when she went to Texas with her softball team. “[My worst moment was ]completely destroying a golf cart at my work and almost getting fired,” Huntley said. Her favorite place to visit in 2022 was South Padre Island in Texas. She thinks 2023 will be better than the last year because she will have more free time and can go to more places.


Senior: Autumn Smith

👎Senior Autumn Smith said her 2022 was a thumbs down because it felt like the 1920s happened all over again. Their 2022 ended on a good note because they were able to wake up and spend time with friends and family. “Honestly nothing really surprises me anymore,” Smith said. Their worst moment was learning about their uncle getting cancer. Smith said that her favorite place to visit in 2022 was her room because it’s just perfect. For Smith, 2022 was like the depression all over again but they still think that 2023 will be worse.“Honestly, at this point I would not be surprised if zombies were to suddenly come out of the ground,” Smith said.