Opinion: Homecoming is overrated


Each year Newton High School holds two homecoming dances; however, the dance portion of homecoming brings feelings of hype but ends with disappointment. There’s a lot that goes into preparing for homecoming, from getting the perfect outfit to making sure you have plans with your friend group, but is this process really worth it? It seems like a must-go event due to the stereotypical “American high school experience,” but most end up leaving before the dance even ends.
I wanted to be involved in everything in high school due to constantly being told these years were the best of a person’s life. I’ve experienced five different homecomings, each one just like the last. Stressing to find a dress and shoes, asking all my friends if they are even going and then always leaving an hour or so early. These dances are a five-dollar expense that seems to not even be worth the 30 minutes that I actually stay there.
The idea of homecoming has hit a point of being over-romanticized. There are so many preconceived ideas about homecoming due to the stereotypical movies such as Grease or Sixteen Candles. These films are romanticizing the ideal life of an American high school student. Movies like this make teenagers believe that once they get all dressed up and go to homecoming, they will have a great time. This will be the event where you get the person of your dreams to fall in love with you. However, it’s really a sweaty mess that involves a lot of toes being stepped on.
There will always be fun parts of having homecoming, such as seeing your best friend on homecoming court or getting ready for an hour with your close friends. But, in my opinion, the hassle outweighs the actual fun parts of the homecoming experience.