Students share their exotic pets

Pets are all around the world, here at Newton High School, it is no different. Students here have pets that hold sentimental value to them, whether that be a dog or cat, or even something rare such as a turtle, snake, spider and more.

Every pet has different requirements for it to be happy and healthy. Different equipment is used for every pet with certain food, specific cages for them to be comfortable, and medicine if they need it. Sophomore Mara Oswald has three pet turtles and says turtles take less maintenance than dogs.

“The turtle’s names are Ben, Steve, and Gina. Originally we wanted to race turtles in the Turtle Race at the Harvey County Fair and we didn’t have any turtles. We found one turtle and we called him Ben – and that was the first turtle that we ever raced. Then we were like ‘We should let Ben go.’ But then we found Steve and we were like ‘we need two’ Ben and Steve, and then we had Gina later on,” Oswald said.“Our pet needs lots of sunlight. We have artificial light so when it gets cold, and we have these calcium tablets that we put in to make sure it gets enough nutrients and food. Turtles are less maintenance than dogs. Problems would be taking it outside to get sunlight and having to do all the water maintenance.”

According to newsinhealth, when people are sad, scared, or stressed animals have the ability to help people feel better. Freshman Ashley McMullin owns tarantulas, snakes, and reptiles because her family likes exotic pets.

“We have a lot of pets, so we don’t have a name for all of them. My most non-common pet would be a tarantula or scorpion. We go to reptile shows and one of our friends has a few and so we thought it would be cool to have them,” McMullin said. “Tarantulas don’t need a whole lot and aren’t really needy, so if you just have a shoe box size container with some mulch and a water cap of water and some roaches or a mouse every two weeks. Some people are scared of them and don’t wanna hold them and we have to tell them ‘it’s okay’. You don’t have to do a whole lot besides make sure they stay in their cage.”

According to zoetispetcare having a pet can be challenging and the experience is a significant change. Sophomore Sophia Reser has hermit crabs and has to do just that.

“I have pet hermit crabs, My grandma got them for me. They have to stay at a certain humidity and temperature level, so we have to mist their container. We have to change up their diet so they don’t die. They’re easy to kill and they have to have fresh water and a sponge that has no chlorine and we have to give them these pellets of protein along with other food.” Reser says

According to thalidomidetrust that owning a pet can bring immense pleasure that can make a positive difference to your life.