Opinion: Kansas weather is bipolar

Kansas weather is horrendous. Weather can change from freezing, to hot, to cold in Kansas in 24 hours. The weather in Kansas has always been bipolar and unpredictable. According to kgs.ku.edu, Kansas weather is bipolar because the state is right in the center of the United States. Kansas gets the weather it does because of air masses moving across the state.

Newton High School Principal Blake Smith was a meteorologist for 10 years.

“My bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona is in Atmospheric Science. I was a meteorologist for 10 years before transitioning to teaching. I’ve been in education for 13 years.” Smith said. “The Kansas weather is ‘crazy’ because of where we are located in the country. We have the Rockies to our west and the Gulf of Mexico to our southeast. We are also not too north and not too south in the country. So, we get hit with all types of weather. Western Kansas tends to get more extreme weather because of their proximity to the Rockies. It makes it fun to forecast weather in Kansas!”

The 2022 summer was extremely hot and there were days with really bad weather and storms. There were heat advisory warnings almost everyday. It was scary for people to even go outside with how hot it was.

During the fall this year, it was super cold in the mornings but once it was the afternoon, the temperature started to rise and get warmer. If someone were wearing sweatpants and a sweater in the morning they would be perfectly fine, but once it was lunch time they would most likely be hot. Having to deal with this sort of weather is difficult.

Most of the time the human body does not know how to react with this type of weather because it can not really adjust to it since it is changing all the time. Living in changing weather 24/7 is so hard, not just because people can not ever adapt to it, but also because people get sick. Allergies, body aches, and bad immune systems are common in people during changing weather. According to wydnly.com, because of high and low temperatures, and windy days during allergy season, it’s easy for pollen to travel. In terms of allergy season, Wichita has been ranked as one of the worst cities in the United States, according to KAKE.

On November 14th, it snowed for the first time this winter, even though it wasn’t technically winter yet. It was a light snow, but it was still cold the night there was snowfall. The morning after, it was chilly, but once it was about three o’clock or so it was sunny outside. According to thetoptens.com, Kansas is seventh in the top ten of having the most unpredictable weather. In Kansas, the weather climate is always expected to have wind storms, burdensome rain, and blizzards throughout the year.