Opinion: Would you rather give or receive Christmas gifts?

Regan Hirsh- Giving
An important part of the holiday season is showing your love to those closest to you. My favorite way to show my love for people is the joy in gift giving. I love the holiday season because you can feel the love in the air and you can show your appreciation to those you love. In my opinion, I have always been a good gift giver.

In my family, we have always given gifts to everyone. Sometimes I find it hard to pick the right gift for my two older brothers because they are so old now. Common gifts that I have given to my older brothers over the years are gum, car accessories, candy, and hats. It is easy to shop for little ones but once you start to get older you want boring gifts like socks and underwear. I love getting gifts for little kids because their faces light up no matter what you get them.

When I start to think about what to get my loved ones for Christmas, I begin by thinking if they have given me any hints about what they want. Sometimes I am very clueless about what they want, especially if I am buying for someone older. I love giving thoughtful gifts rather than expensive gifts. Of course anyone would be happy with a new pair of airpods or a new phone, but I personally like the feeling of giving something that was thought out. I also love receiving gifts that are thoughtful rather than expensive.

My favorite gift that I have ever given is a collectors item Dwight Shrute bobble-head. My friend and I have an obsession with the show The Office, we can quote many lines from the show that represent different situations. I knew that she would love this gift because we both love the show and Dwight Shrute so much.

I love giving gifts during the holiday season, now don’t get me wrong I love receiving gifts as well but my heart feels warm when I give. I believe that is what the holiday season is about, making people’s hearts feel warm and loving those you care about.

Receiving- Nery Sanchez
Christmas is a wonderful holiday for people to spend time with friends and family. One of the many joys during Christmas is receiving gifts. You get a warm feeling when you open up a gift from a close friend or family member and it shows how much they appreciate you.

Receiving is such a joy because you gain something while losing nothing. Receiving a gift could be something from a pair of socks to a new phone. If someone gives you something like socks they are still functional and you do not have to buy a new pair of socks.

When people buy you a gift they have to put thought and effort into the present they decide to get you. Even if they’re your friends and they give you something like a brick, you’re still getting enjoyment out of the present.

One of my favorite gifts was my Nintendo Switch that I received last year. It was gifted to me by my brother. I was ecstatic because at this point some of my favorite games had come out, such as Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. I knew they were on the Switch, and the instant I saw the Nintendo box I felt a wave of joy.

Another thing I am always gifted is money. I use the money to save or buy whatever I want. Most times I will just buy the things that I asked other people to get me for Christmas.

Getting what you want is tricky – I suggest things to people or drop little clues about what I want, like Guess Who but with Christmas gifts. People will hopefully get you something since you’re trying to help them get the item you want. I love receiving gifts because it makes me believe that the other person really cares about me.