Entrepreneurship students put on annual Market Day event


Camryn Entz

Market Day is an iconic event here at Newton High School. The day allows students from all grades able to purchase food from the Commons where it is held. Market Day is organized by students in the Entrepreneurship class and was usually held once a year, but now Market Day is going to be held twice a year.

Students within the Entrepreneurship class are required to be a part of Market Day in one way or another by either selling products or doing statistics. NHS Business teacher Amanda Gillepsie teaches the Entrepreneurship class that is behind Market Day.

“It’s been a thing here at the high school for a while, but we had to take a break because of Covid so last year was the first time that we’ve done it in a couple of years,” Gillespie said. “We have Mac and Cheese, Alfredo and some desserts that are gonna be delicious. Donuts, rice krispy treats and puppy chow is always fun this time of year. We also have hot chocolate, soda and water available. We are going to be doing it once a semester this year. We are trying to make it before Thanksgiving so people don’t have to worry about missing their class.”

The “behind the scenes” of Market Day takes a lot of preparation for the students who participate.

“It’s part of the Entrepreneurship Class. It’s setting up an entire business and they have to come up with what they want to sell, how much it cost for them, how much should they sell it for a profit and coming up with a business on the spot,” Gillespie said. “Market day is an opportunity for students to create a pop-up business and sell things during lunch.”

Junior Natalie Jones is a student in the Entrepreneurship Class. Jones took on the challenge of starting her own “business” and sold hot chocolate and rice krispy treats during Market Day.

“Students taking the Entrepreneurship class offered, were given the task to develop all of the stepping stones leading up to Market Day. This included setting up the date and the marketing,” Jones said. “We’ve been preparing for Market Day since the first gold day of the year. Each day is a small step in the process, which then leads to Market Day. Everyone always wants profit, so people come up with ideas that they believe students would enjoy eating while making profits from their ‘business.’ I get excited about how everyone’s ideas come to life. I only worry about not making any profit, or not having business come by during the lunch hours.”