Opinion: Review of the best pizza in Newton


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Whenever families tend to get tired of cooking, one of the safest and easiest options for a meal is pizza. Pizza is very popular around Newton, there are currently nine pizza places around town. Many gas stations sell pizza as well, such as Jumpstart, Caseys and Conoco. I love eating pizza for meals, my favorite part of pizza is, you can eat it warm for dinner and then eat it cold for lunch the next day.

Personally, my favorite pizza place in Newton is Back Alley. Back Alley is good because it is not your traditional pizza place, I feel like they put full effort into their pizza and focus on every aspect of pizza making. Although the price is higher than the other pizza places in town, it is so worth it. My favorite pizza at Back Alley is the barbeque because you get extra protein and I feel like I am getting what I pay for. I would take a barbeque pizza from Back Alley any day of the week any time, but only if you take the pickles off.

Another pizza place in Newton I love is Papa Johns. Papa Johns has parmesan and garlic breadsticks, which I think are to die for. I even dip them in garlic sauce because I am an American, so I obviously love garlic. Due to Papa John’s amazing breadsticks, I tend to buy from them more often than I do any other pizza place in Newton. Papa Johns is a good pizza chain when you are craving traditional pizza.

I personally do not like Pizza Hut, I definitely think you can ‘out pizza the hut.’ Pizza Hut’s pizza is basic. I think since I have grown up eating it at every single birthday party ever, I have outgrown it and think it is gross. Whenever anyone mentions Pizza Hut, I only think about little kids running around with all of their germs. The only thing that I liked at Pizza Hut was their blueberry dessert pizza, which they, unfortunately, stopped making.

The only gas station that I would get pizza from is Casey’s. Casey’s pizza is on another level, I would not choose it over Papa Johns or Back Alley, but Casey’s is a close third. My favorite pizza from Casey’s would have to be their taco pizza. I am also very excited for the upcoming QuikTrip to be built in Newton because they have very good hot and ready pizza that may be a competitor for Casey’s pizza.

The last pizza place I would consider getting my pizza from in Newton would have to be Little Caesars. When I was younger, I would have never considered eating pizza at Little Caesars. As I have gotten older, I have started to like Little Caesars more because of their cheap prices. The best thing to get from Little Caesars would definitely be the Slices-N-Stix combo for only $6.

Overall, if I am looking for a cheap option for some decently good pizza I would definitely lean towards Little Caesars or Papa Johns. If I am looking for some really good-tasting and quality pizza I would definitely choose Back Alley any day.