Opinion: Best Halloween movies of 2022


Every year there comes a variety of different Halloween movies that are released for the lovers of “spooky season.” This year, a new “Hocus Pocus,” which is a familiar favorite among adults and children, has been released, as well as horror films such as “Halloween Ends,” “Smile,” “Terrifier 2” and many more have also been released to watch.
“Hocus Pocus 2” is a duplicate of the first one that was released in 1993. The sequel is centered around three young women who accidentally bring back the Sanderson sisters. This movie takes place in Salem, Mass. These three girls must stop the witches from taking over the world.
Personally, I loved both the first and second Hocus Pocus. I do think the first movie was better than the second. I enjoyed how the first movie had more conflict and how the main characters all had to persevere through more challenges than in the second. The first movie centers around a teenage boy named Max who moves to a new town. He and his sister are new to the town and he meets this girl and then develops a crush on her. Strange things happen, he lights the Black Flame Candle and the Sanderson sisters are brought back. They all then have to find a way to stop them and save the children. I think the first movie is way better than the second because it had more characters and more conflict.
Although both movies were very interesting and good, I do still think the first movie was better. I think the second movie could have had more conflict and used the original characters from the first movie.
A new movie,“Halloween Ends,” has also been released recently. The movie is a sequel to the Michael Myers movie franchise. The movie is centered around a woman named Laurie who is living with her granddaughter Allyson. This takes place in Haddonfield, Ill., four years after her last encounter with Michael Myers. Since he has vanished, Laurie has continued to write a memoir of what happened with her encounter with Michael. A young man named Corey was accused of murdering a little boy that he was babysitting and then has an encounter with Michael Myers and his life is then changed. Michael possesses Corey and makes him do awful things. Corey and Laurie’s granddaughter like each other during this and Laurie is faced with many terrors and violence.
I thought that the movie was really great. It had a lot of violence but it still was very intriguing. I do think that the ending wasn’t the best, it could have been better. Michael Myers “dies’ each time and just keeps coming back, which is boring to me. Hopefully, this is truly the end to the Michael Myers Halloween saga.
Another movie that just recently came out is called “Smile.” The movie was filmed and released in New Jersey, specifically in Jersey City. The movie is centered around a therapist who witnesses a suicide of a patient. She goes through some scary experiences that are pretty disturbing. She must face her past and survive at the same time.
I thought this movie was pretty good, it was kinda weird. I thought the ending could have been better, it was disturbing to me. The plot was pretty interesting, I wouldn’t call this the scariest movie or horror. This movie had quite a bit of suspense, and had opportunities for jump scares. This movie kind of just let you wait for it which made you want to watch it even more.