The impact of coaches on the lives of NHS athletes



Sports are a very important part of Newton High School’s history. There have been many successful seasons in a variety of sports, and athletes have many important factors that contribute to how they play. One of those factors that play an important role would be a coach and how they interact with their players.

NHS gymnastics coach Joanne Thaw spent time talking about her son Jack Jr. Thaw, known as J.J Thaw. J.J was not only an athlete at NHS but also a coach. Thaw explained her son’s devotion to athletics at NHS and his loyalty to the school. Thaw said she tried to stress academics but her son was an athlete at heart.

“J.J would do anything for those kids…wrestling was his life,” NHS wrestling coach Tommy Edgmon said.

Sophomores Nathaniel Haines and George Bates believe that coaches can make huge impacts on a player’s life. Haines thinks that if a coach is getting involved in something a person loves then they are initially taking a role in their life.

“They’re trying to teach them [athletes] new things and help them get better,” Haines said.

According to Miami University, even bad coaches have an effect on their players. Bates explains that his coaches are very influential. He believes that all athletes are influenced by their coaches.

“They teach us life lessons along the way,” Bates said.

Bates explains that many athletes have quit their sport for reasons that could be coaching. Today, there are moments in sports where respect is not shown toward others.

“I think bad coaches can make athletes lose their love for the game. I think that has happened to a lot of athletes out there,” Bates said.

There are many reasons as to why there has been a change such as coaches and how they coach. According to Michigan State University, coaches play a big role in how athletes play and show respect to teammates and opponents.

“Constant negative reinforcement can bring down a person’s mental health,” Junior Lucy Buller said.

According to Believe Perform, the mentality starts with a player, and coaches can only do so much to complement the mentality that is given. Players play a big role in their own sport.

“Sometimes it depends on how important the sport is to them. You have to be committed to your sport, you have to be respectful of the sport and you have to be respectful to your coaches. That loyalty and that dedication will come through.” Thaw said.