Students reflect on student section themes


Zach Ruth

One of the most exciting places to be during football season for Newton High School students is the student section. Every year ‘Do Crew,‘ which is a club for picking student section themes, creates a list of themes for all football games. Students wait eagerly at the start of every year to find out what the year’s themes are.

Students not only love the student section, they also love the atmosphere and the events that happen during the game. During the game the Railiners will perform, the band performs, the team runs out to the Railer fight song and many other exciting events take place. Typically, the senior row will start different chants throughout the game that the student section will participate in, which is also a very exciting time for the students.

“I like the fun themes, the drum line and the Railiners’ dances. I always love Pink Out because my friends and I always go all out for it,” sophomore Ava Claassen said.

Do Crew works hard to create a list of themes that satisfy everyone and make people want to come to the games. They not only create themes, they also talk about chants and how they can increase the number of students who come to the games.

“At meetings, we just talk about the themes and pick what themes to do when and where. We also talk about what chants we plan on doing during the games, sometimes coming up with new ones,” senior Do Crew member Ezra Entz said. “Most of the themes are like traditions, we do them every year. Others were influenced by social media or just adaptations of old themes like neon changed to construction this year.”

This year’s themes are beach, blackout, USA, country, Railer night, Pink Out, construction and Halloween. Many students have strong opinions about different themes and sometimes the theme can even decide if students come to the games at all.

“I think [this year’s themes] are okay. I feel like they’re kind of boring but they aren’t the worst,” Claassen said. “My least favorite theme for this year is probably Halloween because I feel like it’s not gonna go as well as we think.”

Some may say that the seniors are the leaders of the student section, they are in charge of getting everyone hyped and ready for the game. One of the student section rules is seniors on the railing and freshmen in the back. Jayden Nash stated at the fall pep rally, “If you aren’t dressed for the theme go sit with your mom, if you aren’t loud go sit with your mom.”

“I dress up for the student section because that’s what makes it fun. If nobody dresses up then there’s no point in the theme. I am most excited for the country theme because everyone really goes all out for that one,” senior Justin Franz said.