NHS hires Stone as new assistant principal

NHS hires Stone as new assistant principal

Tige Stone has taken over as Newton High School’s new assistant principal for this school year. Stone is proud of the school’s student population and the wide range of ethnicities here and is excited to join the NHS staff.

Stone, working with the administration staff, has his work set out for him. Principal Blake Smith has Stone working tardies, parking passes, and even helping out with the sunshine squad, who decides student of the week and teacher of the month.

“The team I work with up in the administrative office is great, I really enjoyed trying to get to know some of the students and love the diversity at the NHS. [It] has been a great couple of weeks for me, one of my first duties is trying to curb tardies and trying to make sure we limit and are consistent with tardies.” Stone said.

Smith has stepped up to fill in the shoes of Caleb Smith, the last NHS principal, and is taking charge by making sure tardies are enforced and policies are enforced, which are jobs performed by Stone.

“Things are going pretty smooth right now. Going from assistant principal to principal it’s a different job, making sure I am not missing anything, and that we continue with the great things that have happened in the past couple of years. We wanna continue down that road and just keep doing what we do well.” Smith said. “Our tardy problem, we know that’s been an issue for the past couple of years and we’re taking a different approach this year and hopefully that will lower the number of tardies that we have.”

Smith is confident that Stone will be a good assistant principal because he is trying to do what’s best for the kids here at NHS. Although most people may not know him yet, Smith is optimistic.
“He’s always doing what’s best for the kids,” Smith said. “You can tell even though a lot of us don’t even know him yet that he cares a lot and so that’s the person that we want around here.”

Stone is really proud that he is working for a school that represents different cultures and races throughout the school. He really appreciates the diversity and representation of the students at NHS.

“The one thing that I truly enjoy is the diversity of the school, student population, there’s so many unique individuals, cultures, races that are all represented,” Stone said.