Decades clothing become popular at NHS


Vintage fashion is making a comeback. Students at NHS show off their vintage outfits whether it be 70s, 80s, 90s or 2000s clothing. Most of these outfits are inspired by famous influencers on TikTok, Youtube, Pinterest and even older popular tv shows. 

Secondhand stores are extremely popular for students to find clothes. Junior Haley Ruth gets her main outfits from H&M, Plato’s Closet, Ross and secondhand. Her main style goal is to dress in 70s, trendy and streetwear clothing, but she likes to switch it up every day. 

¨My go-to outfit is a crew neck layered on a turtleneck with some jeans. My favorite thing to style is turtle necks because they come in a bunch of different patterns and you can layer them,¨ Ruth said. 

Ruth started dressing in style her freshman year of high school and has grown her wardrobe each year. She tries her best to inspire people with her outfits. 

¨My main style goal is to help make others feel inspired based on my outfits.¨

Sophomore Ani Koontz also likes to pop out with 70s outfits every once in a while, but she mainly styles 90s and early 2000s clothing. According to the BBC, Converse was a really popular shoe for people to wear in the 1960s and on. Koontz has a pretty wide selection of Converse with a total of 16 in her wardrobe and enjoys building her outfits off of them. When asked what she likes styling the best, she prefers specific clothing that she has purchased from the local Et-Cetera shop in Newton. 

“First off would be my Converse because I like to revolve my outfit around them. Also sometimes I will get a cool shirt from the Et-Cetera shop and I have this brown tank top that I really like and I also have a green and white kinda Y2K shirt that I really like. So I would say I like to style specific things.” Koontz said. “The reason I like collecting Converse is because they are really comfortable and I like to be able to have a lot of variation every day.”

Koontz enjoys dressing like she does because she likes being able to say something by what she is wearing. 

“I like the 90s and early 2000s a lot,  but that’s for right now. Some days I’ll just pull out a 70s, and sometimes I just won’t dress up.” Koontz said. “I like getting to think that I can say something with what I wear, it’s kinda fun.”