Hirsh Commits to K-State


Senior Luke Hirsh has been playing football since the seventh grade and has always wanted to play football for the college team, Kansas State University. On Feb. 2, Hirsh finally officially committed to the team, excited to take the next step in his football journey. The main goal for Hirsh was to play for a team he loves and go to school in the environment he looks up to.
When asked why Hirsh chose Kansas State University to play football, he believes the legacy and atmosphere is unmatched. Hirsh loved the coaches as soon as he met them and also felt secure that he was going to the same school as his friends.
“I decided to go to Kansas State University because that was my goal from the very beginning of my recruitment process and I really love the coaches up there,” Hirsh said. “Also the culture of K-State is unbeatable. Manhattan is an awesome place and I knew it was home the first time I went up there. I also have a ton of friends up there so it would be an easy move.”
There were multiple obstacles Hirsh had to overcome to get where he is now. Hirsh had to start putting on weight and gaining lots of muscle to be able to even get a chance to make it on the team. The hardest part for Hirsh in meeting his goal was getting recruited, especially when you are wanting to play for a division one team. According to scholarshipstats, only a little over 7% of highschool athletes end up going D1. Hirsh explains getting recruited is not simple because you have to connect with the coaches and if you do not, there is a much greater chance of not getting to play.
“The recruiting process was crazy. One day a coach would absolutely love you, and the next day they could care less about you. It was super stressful and I’m definitely glad it’s over,” Hirsh said. “Another challenge for me was not being very big. I wasn’t a very big kid until about senior year. I put in a ton of work in the weight room and eventually it all paid off.”
Connecting with the coaches is a big part of a players role to get recruited since there are so many player options. According to Hirsh, you want to make an impact on the coaches so they remember you the most out of all of the other players getting recruited.
“The main thing I had to do in my recruitment process was to build a great relationship with the coaches because at the end of the day that’s what matters most,” Hirsh said. “A coach isn’t going to offer a kid who they barely know, and being a kid from Newton I was already extremely overlooked so I had to really exaggerate this part of the process.”
According to i9sports, building friendships and connections with teammates can improve the sporting experience for the player. It can increase the player’s self-esteem and productivity. Hirsh is excited to start practicing with the team and meeting his new teammates to continue to play the sport he loves.
“I’m mostly excited to get up there in Manhattan and get to work,” Hirsh said. “I’m excited to be around the guys and chase my dream.”