Koontz follows family footsteps


Figuring out what to do after high school can be a hard decision for anyone. As the school year comes to a close, seniors are finalizing their plans for after graduation. Whether they are going straight to the workforce, taking a gap year or going to college. Senior Caleb Koontz will be going to Bethel College in the fall going into pre-med similar to his mom Jennifer Koontz. Jennifer, is a Sports Medicine Physician at Newton Medical Center.
While Caleb’s main goal at Bethel is to gain an education, he additionally committed to play golf. Going into the medical field has always been the main plan after high school for Caleb, but golf is a hobby that he particularly enjoys.
“I plan to go to medical school. I’m not entirely sure which path I want to take exactly but the plan right now is to go to medical school,” Caleb said.
Caleb has accomplished a lot throughout high school. He is most proud of being elected as Student Body President, being winter homecoming king, qualifying for State golf, qualifying for State Cross Country three times, receiving a one rating at a State Piano Festival and getting an A in Physics.
“My mom definitely inspired me to go into the medical field because I see everything she does for the community and for everyone around her,” Caleb said. “I would like to be like her someday.”
There are many reasons why Jennifer is excited for Caleb to go to college. She says that college is such an important time for someone to explore their future goals and make lifelong friendships. Jennifer herself is also an alumni of Bethel College.
“Bethel College has great professors so I’m excited he gets to learn from them. I think Caleb will also have a great time continuing to develop his love for piano and competing for the golf team,” Jennifer said.
Getting a pre-med degree is like any other bachelor’s degree and usually takes up to four years to complete. To later get into medical school a person has to first have a bachelor’s degree. After medical school most people become interns and then go into years of residency. In full it takes around 10-14 years to become a doctor according to Indeed.
“Becoming a physician is a lot of hard work and many years of school, but he is an excellent student and I know he will work hard to achieve his goals,” Jennifer said. “I am honored that he also wants to follow [the medical] path. It would be a great joy for me to welcome him to the medical profession in a few years. He’s great with people and I think he will be a wonderful physician.”
Caleb has been around the profession his whole life due to his mom. Jennifer says that pre-med is a good choice for Caleb because he has always loved science and he is great with people. She is excited to see all the great things he will do in the future.
“I am most excited to golf and make new friends and also spend time with friends I have already made at Bethel,” Caleb said.