Students reflect on Experiential Learning Day 2022

Students reflect on Experiential Learning Day 2022

Mateya McCord, Reporter

On Mar. 23, the NHS annual event of Experiential Learning Day took place once again. Experiential Learning Day is a typical school day, in which students are able to take part in sessions to develop new interests and a deeper understanding of new learning experiences on things that core classes in school typically do not teach. 

Students were to sign up for the various sessions by an email sent out by Assistant Principal and CTE Director Ben Reed. The sessions included topics such as insurance, athletics, finance, real estate and more. While the majority of sessions were optional to attend, everyone was asked to attend the session by keynote speaker, Ben Wilson. The main point in his speech was the opportunities outside of the traditional education pathway. Given his experience in construction, electrical services and management he was able to elaborate on specifics needed to be successful in his familiarized occupations. Sophomore Marcel Gonzalez enjoyed the day and believed it was helpful. While the information specifically about construction and electrical services did not relate to his future aspirations, he believed it could still be helpful to others within the building.

“Construction and electric learning was very helpful since it is another opinion I could go to if my career does not work out,” Gonzalez said. “Overall it was a very helpful learning experience and day.”

Logan Treaster ran a class about the military, being an athlete and the medical field. Gonzalez attended this class with ease to learn more about the career path he wants to take. 

“[Treaster’s session] was definitely helpful and I learned a lot about what I want to do in the future. He really shined a light on everything I want to do,” Gonzalez said. 

Unlike Gonzalez’s general approval of the day, sophomore Aliyah Rossiter did not share the same experience. Both Gonzalez and Rossiter believe the day can be a good experience and learning opportunity, but Rossiter feels the speakers need to step their performances up a notch. 

“The idea of the day in general is good but some of the speakers in the classes I took should have had a better and clearer idea of what they were talking about,” Rossiter said. “I feel like some were just trying to advertise their business or job instead of persuading and teaching students about finding a career path in that certain field.” 

Most students say they did not particularly have a connection to the information presented by Wilson but generally viewed the life lessons as a whole as beneficial. Whether the specific career related information presented by the keynote session was helpful or not, sophomore Caleb Friezen believes the speaker was worth the time to take out of the school day so he could learn more about what he is interested in. 

“I personally think that the keynote speaker in the auditorium was worth it, as electrical maintenance is something I might be interested in when I join the business field,” Friezen said. “It also gave me some good ideas as to what I should expect when doing so. I also learned how to use my time to get closer to my goal.”