Opinion: Bridgerton review

Addie Clayton, Reporter

Beware of spoilers:

Last year during the peak of COVID quarantines, many binged watched the first season of the Netflix original series Bridgerton. The show gained so much popularity and people across all social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, could not stop talking about it. The show is based on a book series by Julia Quinn.

The show is centered around eight siblings of the Bridgerton family who are trying to find love. The show takes place during the regency era in England. The first season is mainly about the oldest daughter, Daphne, and the second season is mainly about the oldest son, Anthony. As the series continues, it is believed each season will center around one of the siblings, according to the writers of the show. 

Personally, I loved both seasons one and two. I enjoyed how the writers continued some of the unfinished storylines from season one even though the new season is not based solely on Daphne like the first season. At the end of season one, they revealed that Lady Whistledown is Penelope Featherington, and in season two in the first episode they dove more into her character and the viewer got to understand her storyline a lot better.

In season one, I did not care much for Daphne’s oldest brother Anthony but after finishing season two he has quickly become one of my favorite characters. In episode three of the second season, the show features a flashback of the trauma he has gone through to better understand his reasons for why he did not want to marry for love. Generally, this storyline made viewers sorry for him.

With the new season, the show introduced new characters, Kate and Edwina Sharma. I love how quickly it became apparent how fake Edwina and Anthony’s relationship was and how badly Anthony wanted to be with Kate even if he did not know himself. The relationship between Anthony and Kate was quite frustrating simply because of how slow it happened. It started off with them hating each other and I loved it because although neither of the characters were able to tell they had feelings for each other, viewers were able to see that they both did. 

Although the second season is mainly about Anthony that is not the only thing the season was about. Eloise Bridgerton, the second daughter, got a more prominent role this season. Her character was at the age at which she could start courting, which is similar to dating in the modern world but with a stronger intention of marrying. Her character is a very opinionated woman who wants nothing to do with love, especially in the first season. She is much more entertained by finding out who Lady Whistledown is and I think that really intrigued me simply because Lady Whistledown is her best friend Penelope. 

Even though Eloise does not particularly care about finding someone to marry, she has a new love interest this season and his name is Theo. Theo is of the lower class so it is not socially acceptable for her to be hanging out with him. Personally, I think that he is perfect for her because they both have the same opinions on things and I hope that he comes back in season three. 

Similar to the first season, there was a lot of drama in the show and I think that is what makes people want to continue watching it. Once I started watching the second season I could not stop and I just wanted to watch more. Others on social media have shared similar feelings. Overall, I would highly suggest watching the new season!