Thrift or New?

Eris Rindt, Newtonian Social Media Manager

From Goodwill to Nike, many people have a preference in what store they prefer to shop at when looking for clothing items. The term ‘thrifting’ is a popular reference for going to a second hand store to find clothing items for a cheaper price than retail. Buying new clothes at retail price can be more costly depending on the store or where it is manufactured, however, it allows people to go and pick an item that they know is available and never used prior. 

According to sophomore Eddy Southern, he prefers new clothes due to certain risks such as dirty clothes or not finding what he needs. Buying new is 17% of NHS students’ preferred way of buying clothes according to a school wide volunteer survey. Buying on brand clothing that is trending has helped teenage students to feel like they fit in better according to Your Teen Magazine.

“I prefer new clothes because I do not [like to] buy someone else’s used clothes,” Southern said. “I typically indulge in shopping at Nike, The Den, Gold’s gym, and the Pump palace. Usually, I spend $70-180 on stringers and shoes I can pick heavy things up in.” 

The social media app Tik-Tok has helped spread the trend of thrifting throughout 2021 according to The Stillman Exchange. Thrift stores have allowed people to lessen their carbon footprint, this allows less clothing items to end up in the landfill according to Father Joe’s Village. Certain brands like Adidas have been able to turn eco friendly to help lessen their carbon footprint according to Sustainability

“[I started thrifting mainly due to] being broke and it’s fun to fix up clothes. I find a lot of bags and sweaters when thrifting,” sophomore Violet Bartley said. ”I love to shop in the mens section. I find that they have more things that I like. I buy mens work jeans and just tailor the waist. [I like] being a lot cheaper and better for the environment.”

Approximately 61% of NHS students surveyed say they preferred shopping at both new and at thrift stores equally. Clothing brands such as Gymshark and Lululemon were a major trend, especially in the fitness world, throughout 2021, which contributed to a raise in retail purchases for many NHS students. According to freshman Taylor Fair, the condition of the clothing is a worry when purchasing from thrift stores. In order to combat the worry, thrift stores such as Goodwill have a policy of only accepting clothes that are gently used or brand new according to Goodwill’s website. 

“I think one good part about thrifting is finding clothes with more personality that are more interesting and you know you won’t be wearing the same thing as everyone else you know most of the time, also you’re not supporting fast fashion brands and thrifting is good for the environment,” Fair said. “On the other hand, a good thing about shopping for brand new clothes is that the clothes are often nicer or in better condition than a lot of second hand clothes and they can also be trendier.”