Why a finsta?

Why a finsta?

Mateya McCord, Reporter

On Instagram, it has become extremely popular for teens to have a “finsta”. According to NBC Boston a “finsta” is a slang term used to refer to a “fake Instagram.” The expression is popular among Gen Z to denote the private Instagram account meant just for close friends. 

Many students have finstas to express their emotions and to be heard. Sophomore Esmeralda Maldonado Posada has a finsta for just that reason. Maldonado Posada also states that many students use the term “spam” instead of finsta. 

“I feel like it’s really easy to post on [your] spam without any pressure and anyone judging you. It’s just more carefree and I can easily share my emotions on it. I like to post pictures of things I want people to see but not anything I would post on my main page,” Maldonano Posada said. “I think people like seeing my finsta posts because I personally love looking at other people’s spams and knowing what’s going on in their lives that may be chaotic.”

Maldonano Posada may like seeing others spams but there are people who seem to not care at all. Senior Christopher Mick says that he does not like finstas and does not have one himself. 

“Personally, I feel like spams and finstas are irrelevant and I don’t really look forward to seeing people’s post,” Mick said. “If a finsta account with a weird name wants to follow me, most of the time I won’t follow back.”

Besides Instagram there are so many different social media platforms that students can post their opinions and emotions on. Snapchat private stories are one of those additional platforms. According to Newsweek a private snapchat story is when someone adds a snap that is visible to the friends they grant access to and they may post private things they are feeling, and what they are doing. While sophomore Haley Ruth utilizes both platforms, she has a certain opinion about the two.

“To me a finsta is more public for people to see and a snapchat private story is more private for certain and my close friends to see. I prefer finstas rather than snapchat stories,” Ruth said. “Overall, I just really love finstas. I think that they help people express themselves without it being too public and the posts stay on the account forever so everyone can see them.”