Students engage with community through downtown annual event


Ann Pomeroy, Editor-in-Chief

Taking over downtown, the annual Taste of Newton event made its grand return on Sept. 30 after a brief time away due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As restrictions were lessened this September, Newton residents swooned at the idea of this social gathering being reinstated.

I think that Taste of Newton is probably a highlight of our community’s year. We can all get together to enjoy the delicious foods, all while being able to give back to our local businesses and organizations who provided food at the booths,” senior Hallie Watkins said. “I’m going to miss it while I am at college next year.”

Taste of Newton is generally considered one of Newton’s largest events on its social calendar. The event has been taking place for the past 34 out of 35 years. Each year, vendors line up and down Main Street of downtown Newton selling a variety of goods. Student organizations at NHS also participate in the event with a variety of booths and performances.

“[I attended the event due to] the cheerleading performance and the cheer bake sale. We were trying to raise money for new uniforms,” senior Alyssa Hamm said. “I enjoyed performing at the Taste of Newton because our performance was fun to do.”

Given the size of Newton, you are bound to see a familiar face when walking around at Taste of Newton. This event is centered around socialization and provides an opportunity for reconnection with friends from all around the area. The socialization aspect of the event is what many look forward to each year on the chilly September Thursday night. 

I performed with Newton Performing Arts Center, The NHS Railiners, and the NHS show choir called Railaires,” senior Tabitha Buffalo said. “I enjoyed seeing everyone come together in our small town for the first time in a while. It was nice to see familiar faces of the previous graduating classes that I once went to school with.”